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Our Headmaster’s Welcome

My warmest welcome to all who visit our webpage. 

Colegio Alpamayo opened its doors in 1987. Today, 28 years later, we can feel that we have fulfilled our mission to join the families in the education of their sons. Together with an intense academic program, we endeavor to achieve a constant state of educational support for the family, and through our advisory program, a personalized system of guidance for each of our students. Through these means we are able to help create men of professional prestige and solid values. Our educational perspective is shaped through new research done on single sex education, which clearly shows that the development of abilities and skills vary greatly between boys and girls, especially when considering learning styles. Schools that cater to these different necessities, then, are more able to provide their students with a richer, more relevant environment that supports their development.  

Our actions are also inspired by the teachings of Saint San Josemaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei, who promoted an education based on freedom, respect for the individual, and development of modern thought, and, above all, a contagious joy. 

During this quarter century, our school has left its mark on the education sector. We were pioneers in the introduction of personalized education, implemented quality European projects Optimist and Snipe, and are part of the community of International Baccalaureate schools. We develop a bilingual perspective, developing English language skills that are necessary to be successful in university studies abroad. We are an evaluation center for the University of Cambridge English Examinations and our students reach levels KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE.

We invite you to visit us and share the Alpamayo experience. Our purpose is to demonstrate why our school is the best place for your sons. A place where they feel safe and will become aware of the need for a solid preparation for their professional and personal future, all the while contributing the social development. 

Renzo Forlin Struque

Today, 28 years later, we can feel that we have fulfilled our mission to join the families in the education of their sons


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