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Foreign Applicants

Transfers are subject to vacancy.

To be considered, the applicant must present a copy of the Certification of Studies from the previous academic year and/or the report card of the current year. It is also required to pass the entrance exam (starting in 2nd grade).

In Secondary, only students who belong to the top third of their class and receive an A for behavior will be accepted.


If you would like to download an Admission Request form, click here.



  • Copy of passport or residency card of applicant.

  • Copy of Passport or residency card of parents.

  • Copy of applicant’s birth certificate.

  • Report card from current year.

  • Certification from the school from which the student is transferring and the dates enrolled.

  • Introduction letter from the administration of the previous school.

  • Copy of certification of baptism. (*)

  • Copy of parents’ marriage certificate, both civil and religious. (*)

  • Passport size picture of the applicant.

  • Family photo, jumbo size.

(*) These documents are not mandatory, but they help create favorable conditions for the families that apply.

The certifications of studies must be signed by the respective school and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Relations from the country of origin. An equivalency grading scale must also be included.

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