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9th grade students donated a water system in Jicamarca

In keeping with our long-standing tradition of solidarity at our school, our 9th grade students carried out their project of social assistance in I.E. Padre Miguel Marina, located in the district of San Antonio, Auqui Basilio - Jicamarca.

Since this is a Pre-CAS activity, all the students from 9th grade were able to participate. They also had an active role in organising games, sports, and snacks to share moments with the children of the school. 
Twice, towards the end of the project, the children from this school came to visit Colegio Alpamayo and were received by our students. Our students organized a series of a ctivities such as a school tour and gymkana, concluding with lunch and a small souvenir for each child.

For their part, parents played a leading role by assuming the construction of the six drinking fountains for the students, which involved levelling the floor adjacent to the bathroom with an adequate system of steps. The project was successfully completed in February 2015.

Achieving this was the result of the persevere work of the Solidarity Committee of Grade 9 and support of the families, who not only donated all the money voluntarily, but also conducted special activities such as a dinner and a big rock concert OIM group in La Estación de Barranco.

Thanks to this effort and dedication, the students of the Colegio Padre Miguel Marina in Jicamarca have a more efficient and clean water system, and our students in Alpamayo are left with a great example of solidarity and love of neighbour.

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