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Academic Excellence 2015 - 2016

Over the years, Colegio Alpamayo has been honored with distinctions in Academic Excellence from different universities. These distinctions are a recognition of the effort, values, and the academic results of our graduated students in their respective universities.

In 2015, these distinctions were awarded to Colegio Alpamayo at the hands of  Universidad del Pacífico Headmaster Elsa Del Castillo and Universidad de Piura Deputy Headmaster José Ricardo Stok, in special events where the universities recognize a select group of schools from Lima and the provinces.

In the ceremony at the Universidad del Pacífico, Alpamayo was part of 55 schools selected as Colegios de Alto Rendimiento and for Universidad de Piura´s ceremony, Alpamayo was selected as one of 158 schools that are considered Colegios de Excelencia Académica in Peru and one of 87 schools in Lima.

These distinctions give our 11th grade students the opportunity to enroll in Pacífico and Piura universities directly, without examinations in the case of Pacífico and with only an interview in the case of Universidad de Piura. Because Colegio Alpamayo demands academic excellence, as long as our students maintain an upper third position in class ranks (Universidad de Piura), and an upper fifth position (Universidad del Pacífico) or they are IB candidates, they will be accepted. You can obtain more information in the official website of these universities or Alpamayo´s psychology department.

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