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Alpamayo In Concert

By Jorge Mena  

“If there is music in your soul, it will be heard throughout the universe”.


When I heard this phrase for the first time I began to think about the great importance of music in the life of a person and, as over the years, has managed to transform lives and walk paths and this is what I noticed whenever we see our students take the great effort to put on Alpamayo in Concert.  This year I had the greatest responsibility to closely experience this grand event and I was able to recognize and appreciate all the effort and passion that our young musicians put into each one of their performances. 


We started the show with a great choral demonstration with keyboards provided by Prof. German Bedoya, followed by a large display of guitars with Prof. Hugo Castillo in charge and then came the beautiful traditional dances by the 1st and 2nd Grade students directed by the Elementary school teachers.  The finishing touch to our evening was the concert by the Alpamayo Orchestra interpreting Tchaikovsky lead by our dear Prof. Fabian Silva.  A great job was completed and widely enjoyed by all. 


Let’s continue to exhibit this impressive talent to our audience and making the universe aware that we have soul and music.

Un día en Alpamayo
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