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Art as experience in ordinary life

In a lecture given by Nobuaki Nakashima, he explained how his abstract paintings take form through his artistic practice. In September, we were pleased to have a conference given by this Japanese visual artist who currently resides in Lima. He came to share his artistic journey and processes with our visual art students of IB.

He said “For me to paint is like a greeting to myself and a greeting to everybody who listens to their hearts by listening to a painting”. Based on his own experience in abstract painting, he explained his inspiration and motivation to do his artwork. According to Nakashima, there are two types of paintings, representational and abstract. However, when staring at an abstract painting sometimes we struggle to understand what is in front of us. He spoke about how in abstract painting we do not need to understand it, rather feel it by listening to a song or a sound.

Definitely all art is created within a certain context and comes as a result of some feelings, thoughts, or everyday situations.  A great deal of what we see on the canvas reflects the environment in which the art was created. As Nakashima pointed out, for him “to paint is just like a practice of finding and knowing the world of unknown in ordinary life”.


Un día en Alpamayo
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