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Focus On centered around the best practices in education today

With the continued support of Janet Giberson—a lifetime educator who has worked for the Ministry of Education of Ontario—our teachers spent a week reflecting on their classes and working with Janet and her team on some of the best practices in education. Janet was accompanied in leading the workshop by Rhonda Woolfson and Rhonda Winnick.
Rhonda Woolfson and Rhonda Winnick working in the Preschool
Rhonda Woolfson and Rhonda Winnick have dedicated their lives to early childhood education. 
In this year’s Focus On, our teachers were able to hear from our workshop leaders about the trends in early childhood education and the impact that could have on all of our classes. 
They also had the ability to work with teachers of Preschool and visit the facilities for class observations of our youngest students. It was a real treat to have such world-class educators in our, in their  own words, “world-class preschool.” 
Un día en Alpamayo
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