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Montessori Model United Nations

I was privileged to attend the recently held Montessori Model United Nations Workshop in the Pucalán Montessori School in Santiago, Chile. This was an international workshop with teachers from both Chile and Peru. The workshop was given by Judith Cunningham, co-founder of the MMUN.
The first and most important item we covered was the big difference between the MMUN and the Harvard MUN style. The Montessori style does not have a competitive element as it is designed for upper elementary and middle school students, from around 9-15 years old. S

The MMUN has, at its core, collaborative leading, all the while working toward a better and more peaceful world through the education of children. The lack of a competitive element leads the children to develop negotiating skills that actually reach a harmonious consensus, which of course reflects what the real UN should act. 

During the first day, the workshop covered every aspect of the training and preparation for the students with actual MMUN students, who had been to the New York 2015 MMUN at the United Nations building, demonstrated and shared what they had gained from their experience. They also covered every aspect of training and preparation that our students will have to go through. On the second day, the 40 participating teachers took part in a complete simulated MMUN assembly to show us how the format and procedures were.

This is a truly remarkable workshop. We look forward to using this unique approach to learning here in Alpamayo.

Un día en Alpamayo
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