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Mothers of Alpamayo begin nine solidarity projects

2017 appears to be an intense year in terms of solidarity actions due to the enthusiasm and interest displayed during the first coordination meeting of the Solidarity program under the supervision of the Head of Guidance and the school activities coordination. Each of the solidarity projects, which run from grade one through grade nine, show a great level of organization and commitment with the program.

They all start with some preliminary meetings with the different institutions that will receive the donations; after that, some dates during the year are carefully selected by each committee in order to run the different visits. Once the dates of the visits come closer, the same committees organize the families to gather all the possible donations and necessary support. Finally, the visits take place, which are the most exciting part of the process.

These visits become a great learning experience for our students because they get the chance to know other realities and living conditions in the city which will enable them to develop virtues like Christian charity and service to others. 

They will visit Cuna Santa Teresita, Asilo Madre del Amor Hermoso, Colegio las Mercedes, Colegio Señor de los Milagros, Cuna Virgen María, Asilo María Rosario Araoz, Hogar de Niños Santa María, Colegio Virgen del Rosario y el Centro de Atención para Personas con Discapacidad. 

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