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Our five weeks in Chicago

In late January and early February seven students from the 8th grade began one of the most enriching experiences of their school-lives by traveling to Chicago, Illinois, and integrating, not only into the academic program, but also to the Northridge Prep School families where they stayed and lived as if they were a part of the family themselves.

This group of adventurers set out to live an experience of international studies for five intense weeks. During this period, our students were immersed in an academic, athletic, and social atmosphere, with the additional challenge of experiencing from the outset the need to communicate through the English language and knowing how to deal with the particular characteristics of American culture.

Through these moments our students became protagonists of their own international experience. They had to interact with the other students enrolled in the school—not only the Americans but also other international academic programs that are in Northridge, mostly coming from China, Spain, and Chile. It is within this community of international and American students that boys went to classes, daily mass, and the activities of the “houses”. Our boys also got to integrate in activities outside the school, such as the ride to downtown Chicago, the Willis Tower, the Harley-Davidson Museum, among others.

This enriching experience in the life of a student can establish a global worldview. Learning and implementing their capacity for change, the need and tolerance for differences, further allowing them to set up new horizons for their educational and professional future.

All this could not have been possible without the participation of the parents of our adventurers. They also, through this great experience, learned to rely more on the capabilities of their children by maintaining the distance and trusting them to grow in autonomy. The school will always be grateful to them all.

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