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Our students get to know Peru

Colegio Alpamayo wants that all of our students are fully committed to their country. This is why the Study Trips play such an integral role in turning classroom learning into reality. Every year our 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students visit the coast, highlands, and jungle of Peru, along with a study guide that they complete throughout their journey.


Tarapoto Adventure:

As soon as the 9th grade students arrived in Tarapoto, they took off to Lamas, where from the lookout point they could appreciate the different geographic levels of the area. To end the afternoon, they visited the community where they danced pandillada and heard the National Hymn in Quechua.

This was only the beginning of the adventure, an adventure let them navigate the Laguna Azul, visit a cacao processing center, and jump off the waterfall in Ahuashiyacu. They even crossed the Huallaga River in a pontoon boat, a small boat that takes cars from one bank to the other. They were arduous days full of learning and adventure.


7th grade and the magic of Ruta Moche

The 7th grade students took an amazing Marinera class, they learned goldsmithing, they were archeologists for the day, and they even had lessons on how to play the cajón. The trip was unforgettable.

After they arrived in Chiclayo, they visited the imposing Museo de las Tumbas Reales del Señor de Sipán  and the Paseo de las Musas. The next stop was Trujillo. There they got to know the museum of the Señora de Cao, Chan Chan, and had a walk around Huanchaco, where they celebrated a very emotional mass in the church of Maria del Socorro.


Our students visited Cusco, a Wonder of the World

It is not often that a school trip includes a trip to one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Surprisingly, that wasn’t even the highlight of their trip. The 8th graders started their Incan journey in the sacred valley, where they were able to acclimatize while also sharing wonderful times on the soccer field, movie theater, and hot tub their hotel provided. The next day they were off to Cusco, to visit the city, ending at a dinner show near the Plaza de Armas.

Very early the next morning the students were up to visit the Machu Picchu. Not much can be said that would capture the intense emotions felt on that sacred land. As wonderful as that visit was, the most highly-anticipated moment of the trip came that evening: all you can eat pizza.

“Our students also offered their help to the school Virgen de Guadalupe in Tarapoto, Las Maravillas in Lambayeque, and CEI504080 in Cusco”.

Un día en Alpamayo
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