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The International Boys’ School Coalition

The International Boys’ School Coalition is dedicated to the advancements of schools that teach boys. Since 2015, Colegio Alpamayo has been a part of this organization. Our relationship with this organization has enabled us to better understand how to serve our boys. The organization brings teachers together for different events throughout the year, but it also supports the research and science behind how boys learn. This support led them to create an action research initiative.


Starting in 2016 at the annual conference in Vancouver, our school has been involved with a group of researchers from around the world in the creation of action research projects. Our collaboration has allowed us to work with educators from schools such as Eton College, St. Mark’s of Texas, St. Christopher’s School, Crescent School, Montgomery Bell Academy, Scots College, and Shore School.


This year, at the 2017 Annual Conference held in Baltimore, Maryland, Will Murphy and Renzo Forlin presented the research they had been working on all year. Their project looked at the impact of a task selection in a collaborative assignment on the intrinsic motivation of boys in the classroom. Specifically, they allowed boys to determine how they would build their own stop-motion movies for a class assignment. One of the strongest takeaways from their presentation was that when boys feel that they are in control, are talented, and related with their partners, they will all engage more in their work.


In addition to their presentation, Will and Renzo also met with experts in boys’ education on various topics, including character education, using emotion vocabulary, and how to study the way boys learn. Currently, Colegio Alpamayo and its faculty are participating in a global study of character education in boys schools along with 22 other schools.


We will continue working with the IBSC and other organizations that champion boys and their education to better serve our students and their families.

Un día en Alpamayo
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