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Times to remember

By Mariano Escudero Euribe, 11th grade

Forever. Like previous promotions, we visited Cusco accompanied by some of our esteemed teachers, only this time they came as friends and guides.

This trip, despite lasting only 6 days, was enough to forget all our worries,  and allowed us to completely enjoy the beautiful landscape of Cusco and the magical city of Machu Picchu.  With a combination of adventure, fun and history, this was a memorable experience.

When I think about that beautiful scenery, what comes to my mind are the high mountains with snow on top, lakes and rivers, and a blue sky.  I remember most of us abandoning our headphones and admiring the outdoors during the bus trip.  You can’t imagine how ‘wow’ that is, for we young people belong to the “headhpones generation”  to just to enjoy the scenery, have a chat with our fellow comrades and discuss topics with our teachers or the tour conductors.

Alpamayo has a special aspect for this kind of trip.  We cannot separate fun from service, so we spent one day working with a school located at Huaros, at 3,800 m above sea level called Kuntur Kallpa.  We were willing to help them and spend time with kids between 11 though 16 years old, playing sports, teaching crafts, and singing.  We also brought a donation of books and materials for the school.  After this time sharing, one can feel the gratitude of these people warming your own heart.

Cusco is not complete without visiting the ancient ruins and beautiful churches it has.  Some places of exceptional beauty are the city’s main square (Plaza de Armas), the fortress of Saccsahuaman, the Qoricancha, the Cathedral…  But we also had time to enjoy the adrenaline of adventure: we went rafting in the Vilcanote river, with rapids and cold water, feeling new sensations we had never experienced before.  It was quite fun to play ‘battle rafts’ in the middle of the river – where we tried throwing each other into the river!

Finally, we visited the wonderful city of Machu Picchu.  It is really something different to see it in real life than in the pictures of our books or TV screens.  It was a kind of mystical experience seeing the clouds covering us in the middle of the ruins, and then floating upwards just leaving an open sky.  It was one of the best experiences we enjoyed.

Cusco is so special!  It is the best location for a prom trip to go on.  But definitely, what made the experience really special was getting to know everyone and spend this time together with both friend and teachers.  It was an experience to treasure, all the good times on the trip that I won’t be able to ever forget. Forever.


Un día en Alpamayo
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