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We make art, not handicrafts

Last year - 2016 - unlike the previous year, the students of the visual arts course focused more on the theoretical part of the course. The journey of the students in the visual arts course 2016 started by searching what to do?
In the exhibition, students worked on different approaches to the art-making process and creativity. There were works inspired by street art, pop art and even anime. 
Regarding the art-making techniques, they worked on paintings, mixed-media over plywood, serigraphy, digital printing, and site specific work such as installation.  Art is not merely a matter of making.  
It implies, also, a theoretical framework; so making art means going beyond the technique of a good craft. 
Students worked hard dealing with some failures but finally they exhibited a body of artwork through a process of reflection, showing a synthesis of skill, media and concept. In the visual arts course, students are free to choose their subject and form of art.
Un día en Alpamayo
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