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Learn, make friends and grow

Each of the trips that Alpamayo prepares for its students has a deep friendship component. The boys become more united, empathetic and, above all, more responsible. Living the adventure of launching through the sands in Ica, the culture of Ayacucho and launching from a waterfall in Tarapoto are experiences that will be unforgettable.

Nazca - Paracas

We travel not to escape life, but so that life doesn’t escape us. When I read this phrase, I started to think about the good that these trips can do and the importance these trips have on our students to give them the greatest memories. This year our 7th grade destination was Ica-Nazca-Paracas. It is a tour full of surprises that fill all of our expectations. It is a primer travel experience where we can learn more about our country. From the majestic Nazca lines to the menacing sea lions and penguins, our country has a lot to offer. 


The adventure of the 8th Grade study trip took place in Ayacucho. Even though we were just arriving to the city, the questions started coming in about what we were going to do and see on this trip. Throughout the journey, the  students showed their true selves as Caballeros de Alpamayo. They ran through every bit of the city center, making their way through the Cuevas de Pikimachay and the Cañon del Huatuscalle. More than once, it could be heard, “ala que bravazo” and other adolescent expressions as they discovered the natural beauty of Ayacucho. We visited the Institución Educativa Primaria Pública N° 38990 – 4 de Villa Florida Iguaín, where we had a day of service learning and sharing with the kids from the school.


With great joy and expectation, our 9th graders started their trip to the warm city of Tarapoto. The first days we visited the Cataratas de Ahuashiyacu - Lamas, “la ciudad de los pisos” known for its Saint Martin folklore; the center of Rescue Urkus and the diverse animal populations. We also visited Moyobamba, the Orchid garden, the Tioyacu River and the region’s gastronomy. We made it to Laguna Azul and did our service learning at the Colegio Virgen de Guadalupe, which we shared with our students.



Un día en Alpamayo
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